Business Development

If you want to change the game, GET a sense of urgency

With a sense of urgency, you will be invigorated, you will need less sleep, you will feel younger, you will become more attractive and most of all you will get what you want faster. So here are a few tips on the subject with a…

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Decoding the wiring of males and females

Organisations are being pressured to put men and women together in teams. It’s a great idea the issue is we seem to be oblivious to the impact of our differences I think it’s the main reason this great idea has not got much traction. I…

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One little secret that will change the game

Become Rich and Happy Without Going Anywhere or Spending Any Money When was the last time you celebrated anything, let alone something so simple and profound as getting out of bed. Ask most people in most offices across the country “When did you last celebrate…

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