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Our Vision

Empowering leaders to build responsible teams that produce extraordinary results. 

Leadership Profiling

The Integrity and Values Profile is a scientifically validated performance assessment system for analysing specific development needs, and an aid in recruiting excellent managers and key personnel who can contribute to the formation of a positive culture. In addition, the profile is an invaluable tool in coaching, succession planning and mentoring in rapidly changing organisations. 

Leadership Accelerator Program

The Leadership Accelerator Program is designed for Leaders with a vision and drive for developing a successful business. We start with the Leader, utilising our Integrity and Values scientifically validated Profile, we identify key constraints that are impacting on your results and with 6 months one on one coaching for the Leader with a qualified Leadership Coach, we work on narrowing those gaps. 

Leadership in Action Program

Each element of this program is uniquely developed to challenge each team member and to shift the whole team to a level of integrity and performance that is underpinned by the clarity of their values. 

Leadership Coaching

An Integrity and Values leadership coach will support you in achieving your vision. Great leaders visualise a greater future and have the ability to inspire others – their friends, their workmates and their peers – to work together in turning their vision into reality. Successful organisations have a vision that goes beyond monetary and includes clear goals for others – customers, staff and stakeholders.

  Talent+ Integration

What makes us different?

There is nothing more powerful than a team that has a clear understanding of the business strategy and is committed to the Vision and Values of the business.

The Talent Plus subscription was created to support the ongoing growth and development of your people, giving you unlimited access to our online lessons, Integrity and Values Psychometric Profile and Fun Test. The profile is a good recruitment tool, ensuring you are hiring people who match your culture. 

how we facilitate success

Trusted by over 300+ clients

Our client base includes a wide range of sectors, demonstrating our ability to deliver substantial improvements in leadership capabilities across different industries​.

Coleman Brands Story

0ur leadership team is highly focused, more driven and working as a well oiled machine.

Coleman Brands has benefited greatly by having Jennifer and the Integrity and Values Team coaching us! Our Leadership Team is highly focussed, more driven and working as a well oiled machine. This has been successfully passed onto the rest of the business and is starting to convert into a great culture and consistent achievement of company objectives.

Donovan Ryan | Country Manager, Pacific Brands

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