Stop lying to yourself and others

If you are thinking you don’t lie to yourself, or anyone else for that matter, think again. It is not uncommon in our daily lives that we may tell a ‘white’ lie to keep ourselves or someone else happy, without realising we are actually lying and potentially harming not only ourselves but also those we are lying to.

Surely there is no harm in telling your colleague they are doing a fantastic job when they in fact need improvement, right? Wrong! The reality is that even though you may feel like you are helping the situation, you are instead hindering it.

Loss of income

Lying to yourself and others will have many negative repercussions, including the potential loss of income. By lying to yourself and others, you simply demonstrate your unwillingness to be potentially thrown into an uncomfortable situation. You may wonder why you should have to tell the complete truth when you can sugar coat it with a ‘harmless’ lie instead. The reality of this situation is that your lies will resurface, and ultimately end up costing you precious time and money. If you were to tell your colleague they are doing a fantastic job, when in fact, they need improvement in their attitude or skills, you are most definitely losing potential income by not employing someone who can work in a timely and cost effective manner, or not giving this person the opportunity to improve themselves.

Lies and conflicts

By lying, you may believe you have successfully avoided a potential conflict, however you can rest assured a larger conflict will arise from this lie in one way or another. Your lie may go unnoticed for months at a time, though it will eventually resurface and need to be dealt with on a much larger scale, as opposed to being upfront and speaking the truth from the beginning.

There are many potential conflicts that can arise from being dishonest, though perhaps the most significant consequence resulting in your team lacking the ability to make decisions without first seeking your approval, as you have been ‘protecting’ them from the truth. This can greatly hinder your success in business as you have a team incapable of working on their own, resulting in the loss of potential income.

When in doubt, speak the truth

If you continue to strive for continued success within your business, you will now begin to understand it is never a smart move to be dishonest, as it will ultimately cost you in the long run. If you are ever in doubt, you must remember to speak the truth with compassion and empathy, as it will not only drive your colleagues to success, but also your business.

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  • Rajan

    In America this sounds fair for an employee to tell the truth of his superiors behavior or treatment. But in Asia, be honest and truth to you superior is a “back-fire” for your career. You may professionally have this conversation with your boss, assuming he will take it positively, but its not the case. You boss will surpass your honesty and eventually your motivation will be over-written time to time. you career journey for being honest with your boss is not a positive remedy for you or for the company. In Asia, the minority set of people in the organization are indirectly or silently being treatment unfairly. Equality and Fair treatment only exists in the form of “lip service” in some organization in Asia. So the best approach, is put those aside, continue with your journey to always learn and grow your knowledge. Loyalty in Asia is dying. Loyalty works only for those who in favor or those in the favorite books of the boss. Rather than doing so, just look out for new job opportunity.


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