Building A Kickass Culture – Webinar Recording

The cornerstone for growing and keeping good people

Leaders are at the source of a great culture and also at the source of a poor culture.

In many businesses there is an appearance of harmony and alignment.  If you just scratch the surface, you will often find a simmering dysfunctionality.

Leaders want a ‘NICE’ culture and are very genuine about it, believing they are doing good things that will motivate people and create inclusion.  Their niceness has the total opposite effect, resulting in a lack of honest communication and accountability.

Owning the current state of your culture is the pathway to creating an extraordinary future state.  The hard part is owning how we caused the current state.  Great cultures are built in the small moments of time that a leader gives to being the mentor coach in the organisation.

There is an inherent wisdom that sits in hearts and minds of everyone in an organisation.  If we as leaders, listened and became curious to that wisdom, it would make the biggest difference and transform our cultures.

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