Silence is not golden – Webinar Recording


When people aren’t talking – don’t mistake their silence for acceptance

Have you ever walked away from a conversation with that niggling feeling that everything wasn’t okay, even though you had assurances that “all was good”. You decided to leave it and not pursue that nagging feeling and guess what – it came back to bite you. What does it take to act on those doubts before the problem gets bigger, deeper and more entrenched in the business? Can you relate to this – do you have a similar story?

So, they’ve told you it’s “all good” and then it goes to ‘hell in a handbasket’ and the comments you get are, “I could have told you that” or “I thought everyone knew that”. When you hear these words what happens to your level of frustration? Mine goes through the roof!

Don’t let the silence give you a false sense of security. Silence is an alarm bell alerting you to underlying irritations, which have the tendency to taint future conversations and leave uneasiness in the space.

Come along and learn the tools for interrupting “The Violence of Silence”. Nip it in the bud and cut through the issues early. Reclaim the lost time dedicated to sorting out problems that could have been dealt with in a 2 minute conversation.

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