The Truth Hurts Lies Compound The Pain

Missed deadlines, reworks and lost profit are the cost of not being transparent about what is happening in your business – the cost of settling for the beautiful lie.

And these lies have a cost that we can measure in time, money and materials.

Would you prefer to hear a beautiful lie or an ugly truth?

Here, CEO  and Founder of Integrity and Values, Jennifer Elliott, gives you her take on the importance of truthfulness in business and how it can improve your profitability and performance.

Jennifer’s words resonate don’t they. We have all, at some time in our careers, sat in a meeting and accepted a lie because it was easier than facing the truth. Some of us do it frequently.

Now we know the cost.

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Jennifer Elliott, CEO and Founder, Integrity and Values
Jennifer Elliott is the founder and CEO of Integrity and Values, a leadership development organisation that empowers leaders to build responsible teams that produce extraordinary results.

Recognised as one of Australia’s leading executive leadership and behavioural change consultants, Jennifer has worked with teams and individuals across Australia for over 30 years..

Jennifer’s impressive sales and management history is supported by her own experience owning and running successful multi-million dollar companies and through building and leading her own effective teams. She has first-hand knowledge on the business building process, the payroll struggle, confronting management issues and dealing with cash-flow problems.

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