When Times Are Tough, Loyalty Navigates The Storm

Loyalty is not a given – it is a demonstration of commitment

The “low” road is to demand Loyalty to you personally.  The “high” road is to demand Loyalty to the organisation’s purpose, vision and values.  When you are disloyal to the values of the organisation, you give your people permission to do the same – they are watching you.

When Loyalty is present, you build responsibility inside of the business and the results will follow.

You’re invited to our next webinar – where we will look at Loyalty as a matter of integrity and debunk the mythology surrounding it.

Key takeaways:

  • What builds Loyalty and what does not
  • How higher Loyalty underpins powerful cultures
  • How Loyalty is active not passive
  • How Integrity and Truth telling are the cornerstones of Loyalty

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