TRUST – The cultural barometer


Creating that competitive edge

Society’s glue – Trust – its presence cements relationships by allowing people to live and work together.  Creating a place for us to belong, feel valued and do great work.

Trust is essential to an effective team because it provides a sense of safety. When this happens, they feel safe with each other, feel comfortable to open up, take appropriate risks, and expose vulnerabilities.

Growing a high-trust culture is more than just flinging the word “trust” into your corporate values and hoping it will suffice.  It is the leader’s responsibility to drive a culture where people can flourish – they do this in the conversations they have and actions they take.

To gain and keep that competitive edge, building trust is an imperative and you are the key.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding why Trust is given and not earned
  • The consequences of an absence of Trust
  • Trust – the precursor to accountability conversations

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