Robust Conversations Webinar



At the heart of your business are your people, you’re responsible to grow them as a team to produce exceptional results. It’s a difficult terrain to navigate when they are not performing well. How do you effectively shift their behaviour, yet maintain a healthy working relationship?

Robust Conversations – done well – empower your people to stay on course, and create cultural environments of trust for your business to succeed.

Badly executed, Robust Conversations erode trust and create resentment. Avoiding tough conversations has an even greater detrimental cost to the business.

The Bottom Line:
Robust Conversations increase the bottom line, and they begin and end with you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be an effective model of Robust Conversations that your team will follow
  • Shift the obstacles within yourself, your team and your cultural environment
  • Learn the rules that create the trust for Robust Conversations to occur

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