One little secret that will change the game

Become Rich and Happy Without Going Anywhere or Spending Any Money

When was the last time you celebrated anything, let alone something so simple and profound as getting out of bed.

Ask most people in most offices across the country “When did you last celebrate anything” they will firstly look at you with a quizzical look as if you have lost your marbles.

Next is a long thoughtful pause and then comes “Well my birthday 3 months ago we went out to dinner or when we won the big deal last month. Would you believe some people can’t even remember the last time they celebrated anything.

Now that is really sad.

So let me give you one of the most powerful and empowering known secrets to success that costs absolutely nothing, can be done instantly and will increase your chances of changing your game in what ever you do, Guaranteed.

Celebrate absolutely everything that happens in your life, every day and every thing.

Now that’s a lot of things. Waking up, getting out of bed, going to the toilet taking a shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast and on and on it goes. Arriving at work, getting a coffee, sitting at your desk, , checking your first email …..

You could get really tired of celebrating all these things all the time and I don’t blame you if you are thinking “She has finally lost it” what the heck is she on about now, celebrate everything!

There is something really sad that has been going on for ages and here it is. Working with executives and business people at the top end of town is really serious stuff and we all get paid a serious amount of money to do it.

Most executives are very responsible people in charge of millions and millions of dollars and sometimes in charge of thousands of people. The physical safety, financial well being of their people and the success of everyone is on their shoulders.

Deadly serious stuff and that is what these people become. Deadly Serious! Dead boring and serious, a bunch of real “Sad Sacks.” Most of them have totally lost their sense of fun and you can’t even mention the word play without being run out of town.

So what is the answer to this devastating corporate catastrophe? The answer is to start a new and game changing innovation. A way in which even the most stuck and boring sad sacked executive participates in celebrating just one thing every day.

Just one thing and I don’t care what it is. It can be as big or small as you like, just do it and do it now. Celebrate getting to the end of this page because you can be assured that the boring and serious “Sad Sacks” could not have stayed the distance to find out what this amazing game changing secret is.

Now if you really want to be a successful, happy and rich game changer then take it another step further. This is only for the brave and truly carefree. Not only do you celebrate one thing per day, you tell someone else what it is and get them to acknowledge you for it as well.

It goes like this …

You say “ I finished all my emails and I’m a legend”

Your colleague says “Yes I always knew that about you”

Now how hard is that.

For the truly advanced version of this technique and special one on one advise on how to transform the culture in your workplace, give me a call and I’ll be glad to help you out.

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