Is Motivation Hijacking Your Results

Swapping motivation for self discipline and action

Businesses use “motivation” to improve morale when the best morale booster is high performance.  What does it take to produce a high performing team where you as the leader are not the “motivation bunny”!  Are you finding this merry-go-round exhausting and dissatisfying?

When we use motivation as a tool we create entitlement inside of our organisation which breeds an underlying resentment flowing both ways.  Stop the cycle and discover the power of self discipline with action, which will produce the results you want.

In this webinar we will look at what it takes to swap motivation for action.


  • Why positive thinking hides the truth and causes damage
  • Discover why paying individual incentives doesn’t give you the results you seek
  • The difference between discipline and motivation
  • Identify and remove the obstacles to producing extraordinary results

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