How to gain trust and use it

It is a common misconception that trust is earned. Before you can successfully give trust, you must first believe you are worthy of receiving it. If you are a trustworthy individual, you will begin to instil trust in your colleagues. It is near impossible to trust other people if you are conscious of yourself being an untrustworthy person. It is therefore not possible to trust someone else, when the matter of fact is you that can’t be trusted.

Self trust

You must whole-heartedly have trust in yourself, before your colleagues or anybody else will begin to trust you. A crucial step in implementing this value is being upfront from the beginning, even if there is the potential of having an uncomfortable discussion. Your colleagues will ultimately thank you for being honest with them, as they will know how to better themselves in the future, instead of continuing on their current path.

When you make the all-important decision to instil trust into your colleagues, and in turn, gain their trust, you must always make the conscious decision to speak the truth with respect and compassion, leaving them with their dignity intact and a clear and positive pathway forward. If you are in fear of damaging an individuals’ feelings and are unsure whether you should be honest with them, you must know this is a selflessness idea that you have ingrained into your mind so you can avoid your own feelings.

Being dishonest to your colleagues and believing you are ‘protecting’ them is no more than a lie you say in order to protect yourself. If you are upfront and tell the truth in a compassionate and empathetic manner, instead of lying to avoid a hypothetical confrontation, you will find your colleagues, and yourself, will begin to trust and respect you far more than if you were to continue lying.

Establishing trust

Before you can establish trust with your colleagues, you must first identify all problem areas to clearly understand what truths are being buried in your business, and how they ultimately affect everyone involved.

Trust cannot be established until you take the correct measurements in becoming the truthsayer of your business. It is greatly important to create a positive environment in which your colleagues and staff feel comfortable in openly speaking the truth. If these vital steps are understood and subsequently put into motion, there is absolutely no telling what outstanding results may be achieved.

Perhaps the most important key to remember when establishing trust, is that you must completely trust yourself before you can do the same for anyone else. Without this, you will not be able to establish a productive and trusting environment

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