How to ensure hiring is never a gamble

As a leader, you will be familiar with the ins and outs of the hiring process and the gamble you regularly take in hiring a new team member. Too often have we seen the hiring process become a blind game of poking the stick in the dark, in the hopes of finding the right candidate. You may believe that the enthusiastic and passionate individual sitting before you is the perfect fit for your business, however, how can you be certain that they will continue to be enthusiastic and hardworking once you have hired them?

The first and foremost rule to hiring? Know exactly whom you are hiring!

Know exactly whom you are hiring

Before hiring a new employee, you will already know that you will require them to align with your beliefs and vision for the wellbeing of your business and colleagues, as well as having their values and integrity intact. It is also of significant importance that they be open to being coached and mentored, to further better themselves as an overall person and employee.

If you do in fact enter the hiring process completely blind, you should be aware that you could be potentially hiring anybody! You may be thinking they are the perfect fit for your team and business as they managed to execute a flawless interview, and told you everything you wanted to hear. However, you may very soon find that you have indeed hired Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde after the initial honeymoon period has ended, leaving you disappointed and uncertain of what your next move should be.

Finding the right fit

By now you will understand the great importance of not entering the hiring process completely blind and with inadequate information on whom you are hiring. So, why is it important to know exactly whom you are hiring with the hopes to finding the perfect fit for your business? It is extremely important for the sole reason of your business and colleagues being able to continue to develop and thrive, thus creating a positive and productive workplace culture.

When initially going through the interviewing process, you may strongly believe you have found the right person for your business. However, as previously mentioned, you may soon find your new team member steadily declining in their productivity and work ethic. As a leader, you may find that you often catch yourself stressing over this, and are unsure on how to gauge your potential team member’s demeanour before you make the all important decision of bringing them on board.

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