Can your attitude impact your life and career?

If you think your skills are the sole factor of where you are today, you could be wrong. Yes, of course they have played a role in the position you currently have. However, your attitude is what has given you that extra push in getting you over the line. Your altitude is most definitely determined by your attitude.

Your attitude determines your success

Any successful person will say you cannot progress further in your career with a negative attitude. Having the correct attitude will determine how far you progress not only in your professional life, but also your personal one. Viewing the world and your situations with an empathetic and vibrant outlook will help you enormously in achieving your goals. It is common knowledge that leaders haven’t achieved their positions by conveying themselves in a negative manner towards their career and other situations they may find themselves in. Instead they have achieved their success and level of professionalism by conducting themselves in a positive, motivating and empathetic manner.

Conducting a negative outlook towards your colleagues and career will almost certainly put an anchor on your success. You will perform at a sub-par standard while your colleagues will resent you for continuously having a negative view towards not only them but your career.

Attitude impacts your life and career

Your attitude not only affects your professional life, but also the relationships in your personal one. If you have a positive outlook towards your work, then it will carry across into your personal life, resulting in harmonious relationships.

There is no debate that bad impressions are a deal breaker. If you have let someone go in the past, it can be certain you didn’t do it on a lack of skill, but rather their negative attitude. 90% of the time, the negative impression you receive from someone is a result of their attitude, not their lack of skills. If you hire a mediocre performer with an excellent can-do attitude towards their career, you can most certainly turn them into a superstar. You cannot however, turn someone with a bad attitude and excellent skills into a superstar. Their lack of positive attitude is guaranteed to hinder both them and your business from achieving continued success.

It is not a common thought, however your altitude is ultimately determined by your attitude. If you want to do well in not only your professional life, but also your personal one, then you must continue to work on your attitude to get where you ultimately desire to be.

If you want to further yourself in your career as a leader, and to master your leadership skills, then adjusting your attitude accordingly is perhaps the most vital aspect to achieving this goal. To find out how your attitude is affecting your leadership abilities and where you place on the continuum, then contact Integrity and Values at for a profile assessment today.

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