Are you having fun yet? – Recording

Fun – the building block to productivity and engagement

We are not all the same – what is fun for one may not be fun for all. When you have the “fun” conversation with your people you discover what really turns them on at work.

Some people want more challenge, some want less.  Some thrive if given plenty of elbow room while others need structure and clear boundaries to shine.  This all depends on where they are at; and at what stage of their career.  Find out where the tension is for your staff, prior to the exit interview.


Highly engaged people are more productive which produces higher quality work. If we as leaders do not meet the 7 elements for fun, productivity declines and work satisfaction “flies out the window”.


  1. What does it take to turn serious work into serious play?
  2. Get in early – ask the 7 questions to evaluate staff engagement before it is too late
  3. What does it take to get the balance just right?



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