Boardroom Breakfast

The nitty gritty of Integrity

Here’s a curly question for you:  If you’re really honest with yourself – how much integrity do you really have? Every moment I am challenged by how much integrity we do or don’t have.  And – no offence – I consider we don’t have any. So,…

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The violence of silence – how lies cost you real money in your workplace

Several years ago we were approaching the end of year. We’d made budget and were shooting for our stretch goal. One more sale was going to do it. I bagged the sale. I was thrilled with myself! I told the team that we’d done it…

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The Truth Hurts Lies Compound The Pain

Missed deadlines, reworks and lost profit are the cost of not being transparent about what is happening in your business – the cost of settling for the beautiful lie. And these lies have a cost that we can measure in time, money and materials. Would…

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