Develop Leadership Greatness

Great leaders never stop learning. Integrity and Values offer a wide range of bespoke leadership development programs for business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and sporting professionals. Designed to do one thing, empower leaders to change the game!

As Leaders We Have The Power To Shape The World And Leave A Legacy For Coming Generations

For over 20 years Integrity and Values have developed and finessed leadership development programs specifically for business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and sporting professionals. These leadership development programs are designed to support our clients recognise their greater potential, build their confidence and achieve new levels of success. You get to change the game and leave a lasting impact on your environment.

Leadership Development Programs for Individuals

For the individual our leadership development programs always begins with the completion of an Integrity and Values leadership profile. This is followed by an in depth analysis by an accredited leadership Coach. With a deep understanding of your current leadership style the discovery journey continues. Each leadership Coach is uniquely matched to you and together your vision, short, medium and long-term goals are materialised. Further analysis of your particular style and attitude is conducted in key areas including job satisfaction and engagement. Depending on your goals a bespoke coaching program of anywhere between four and twenty four months commences.

Leadership Development Programs for Organisations

Our leadership development programs produce amazing results. For the entire organisation Integrity and Values offer a wide range of workshops and programs. Individual team members are invited to complete an Integrity and Values leadership profile. Assessed together the team’s unique dynamics can be identified providing valuable insight for identifying areas for improvement in communication and team work. Most importantly from a talent acquisition point of view a ‘good fit’ for future team members can be effectively predicted.

We offer powerful workshops on communications, integrity, vision, leadership, team dynamics and core values. These may range from half day to three days and are tailored to suit your specific needs. Our workshops are highly engaging, and are designed to ensure all participants walk away with a clear understanding and immediate learnings that can be applied in the workplace.

The Leadership Accelerator

The Effective Communication Course

The Team Dynamics Program

The Leadership In Action Program

The Vision And Values Workshop


Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

Cameron Ryan:  CEO – ARC Group  

“I really value the coaching that Alison is delivering to me. She is very perceptive and great at digging around to uncover whatever it is that is blocking me and then giving me the tools to improve myself. I also like the Integrity and Values coaching model, it has provided me with insight into my own behaviours and it’s given me a set of online learning tools which I find useful for both myself and my team.”

Lance Peters: CEO – John Cootes Furniture Group 

“Kylie is a person to listen to when she is providing feedback and advice.

Her style is engaging and personable, but confronting when needed. She challenged me on a number of occasions (all for the right reasons), and asked me to look at particular issues, from different perspectives.

The process I went through was of tremendous value to myself and I would recommend it to other professionals willing to explore there inner self more. Lance”

Scott Whitney: Environmental Lead – Oil Search Limited

“I have just finished a very uncomfortable four  months with Tanja as my coach. Why uncomfortable? In every session she seemed to know exactly what I wasn’t saying. She revelled in pushing me out of my comfort zone, a zone I have been comfortable in for 15 years. It was like it was her personal mission to load me up with new information and ideas and change the way I operate. All in all a very uncomfortable experience. It was exactly what I needed. Tanja is a great coach and has made a terrific impact to me and undoubtedly, to the people I interact with on a regular basis. My decision to partner with Tanja for coaching will remain one of the best decisions in my career.”