Wired for Connection


Unlocking the potential of a connected team

In a time where we have a myriad of ways to communicate with one another – Email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, just to name a few, the feeling of isolation and disconnection is greater than ever before. If this is true for you what impact is this isolation having on you?

Getting clear on who we are as social creatures would improve our lives, our society and our businesses. As we continue to navigate working across multiple mediums, how do you maintain connection and what is the fallout of not being with people, to you personally, to your people and the business?

Covid forced us into isolation, and we were completely unprepared on how to maintain connection – how could we when we were really poor at it when we were together. We underestimate the pain of isolation with ‘well that’s all done now’ which is not what we’d say to someone who just broke their leg.

Key Takeaways

  • The scary statistics about meetings and their impact on business
  • What a healthy connection looks like and how do you get there
  • What does it mean to be congruent – what are the three ‘C’s’ for connection
  • What steps need to be taken to create connection in your business

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