Why A Coach?

Having a Coach is essential for every leader. A Leadership Coach will support any key player of an organisation to identify and overcome the constraints that get in the way of producing business results and bringing about customer and employee satisfaction. Our Leadership Coaches are totally committed to their clients’ success.

A Leadership Coach Will Drive You To Higher Performance And Success.

Everyone can benefit greatly from having a Leadership Coach. We are always leading somebody – in our communities, in our families. Who wouldn’t want to be that person who consistently gets the best out of others and produces powerful results?

A Leadership Coach will support you to learn the skills required to lead people, in a way that you consistently achieve the desired outcomes.

Poor work environment often leads to dissatisfaction, low productivity and bad services or products. As a leader, you are conscious about making sure the people you are leading stay engaged and happy. A happier and healthier team is an effective team. At Integrity and Values we promote collaborative and innovative cultures that consistently deliver extraordinary results.

A Leadership Coach will support you in developing and achieving your vision.

Great leaders visualise a greater future and have the ability to inspire others – their friends, their workmates and their peers – to work together in turning their vision into reality. Successful organisations have a vision that goes beyond monetary and includes clear goals for others – customers, staff and stakeholders.


A Leadership Coach will push you in the right direction – question whether you really want to go there, and encourage you when you are just about to give up.

A Coach can stop you in your tracks and encourage you to explore a different way to do things. You can always count on them to challenge your original thinking. They will support you in finding the right direction and stay the course.

A Leadership Coach will listen when you think you are not doing well.

The most common expectation of Leadership Coaches is that they are good motivators. Of course we offer so much more, but that really is something we do excellently. The difference that Integrity and Values can make is that we source our counsel from what we know about you and we shape that to support you achieve results.

A Leadership Coach will offer a different view when you think you can’t move forward.

Powerful Leaders always look to the next level. For coaching to work, there needs to be a desire to go beyond your current state. A Leadership Coach will support you become aware of the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.


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This is what some of our clients had to say about our leadership coaching:

Chris Stephenson:  Executive General Manager – Sales & Marketing at Kordia Australia  

“In business, consistently hiring the right people for critical positions is the difference between surviving and thriving. Jennifer’s work with me on both hiring and decision making has resulted in being able to build a dream-team that can achieve almost anything.

I can’t recommend Jennifer and her deep understanding of staff selection highly enough – your life will never be the same after she challenges you to open your mind to the super critical nature of hiring decisions and the consequences of failure to get it right.”

Tina Bannister: National Sales Manager –  Estee Lauder & Tom Ford Beauty 

“John is an exceptional Leadership Coach because he actually makes a real difference. He brings a vast wealth of experience at CEO & Board level, so there’s nothing he hasn’t already experienced. He is able to cut-through to real issues and provide no-nonsense advice. It seems that John knows you better than you know yourself and he also knows where you hold yourself back.  Having John as my Leadership Coach has generated very quick results that will stay with me forever. It’s given me a greater edge and clear business advantage.”

Richard Allan: Managing Director – Cloud Coders  

“The beginning of the year had been difficult. Product Development was all over the place, and there was patchy support to our customers. This had been a common recurring pattern over the last year, as the business had expanded. I was looking for cost effective coaching program that would provide me with the tools necessary to deliver the business that I had envisioned, and sold to staff and customers.

The Integrity and Values Coaching programme turned out to offer much more that I had expected. Tama’s application of the online lessons to my business situation improved areas of responsibility and ownership to the point that my staff saw value in contributing in different ways. This improved system delivery and quality. Not only was Tama able to apply lessons to each situation, she worked on the issues until I was clear that cause of the issue had been resolved. I felt that she was 100% committed to ensuring the results produced were not band-aids, but solutions that would provide a lasting difference.
What was achieved was clarity on my Vision, both personally and the businesses; effective communication in meetings and engagement from staff to assist with growth; and energy to deliver the next twelve months goals. This was far beyond the initial expectation of simply wanting to know what to do next.

I thoroughly recommend this coaching programme.”