Weathering the storm of leadership

How to thrive in the face of pushback

Leadership is not for the faint-hearted – it can be very isolating and lonely at the top. We will look at the pitfalls and obstacles that stand in the way of extraordinary leadership.  Whether you are new to leadership or have been sitting in the role for decades, examining ourselves is vital for our continued success.

This month in our webinar, we will explore how to close the gap between the leader you are today and the one you aspire to be.  We will identify where you are reluctant, discover your learning edge and examine the crucial behaviours for your success.

  1. Building the courage to make the tough calls.
  2. Honest self-reflection is the place you gain legitimacy.
  3. Examine where reluctance controls the outcome.
  4. Holding your ground in the face of no agreement.
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