Visions And Values Workshop

Breathe Life and Purpose Into Your Organisation with a Powerful Vision Which Answers the Key Question About why it Exists and What Mission it Serves to Accomplish.

Identify Values Which Support the Vision and Shape Your Organisation Culture, Philosophy and Beliefs…the Guiding Principles Your Organisation Follows to Achieve its Mission.

Distractions, conflicting priorities and personal agendas of employees can easily steer your organisation away from achieving its objectives.

That’s why it is critical for a company to have a clear vision and supporting values.

Focusing on activities aligned to your corporate vision will give you and your team the direction required to accomplish organisational goals. You will also be able to concentrate on the 20% of tasks which drive 80% of results while delegating routine jobs to others who can complete them with competent ease.

Watch this short video which reveals the values leaders were able to identify after participating in one of our boardroom breakfast events:

What the Workshop is About

The Vision and Values Workshop has been designed to inspire action among team members aimed at driving organisational growth. This is achieved by identifying a powerful vision your team members can be aligned to and underpinning it with agreed core values.

The outcome expected from the Vision and Values Workshop is for your team to gain clarity about the direction of your organisation and their expected contribution towards achieving organisational goals.

The conversations will focus on the critical questions about how actions of team members will further the vision of the organisation and how the decisions they make will impact the company values.

What’s Covered in the Vision and Values Workshop

  • Clearly identifying of your existing Values and the Values of team members
  • Uncovering and creating a new Vision for your organisation
  • Aligning your leadership team with the new Vision and core Values of the organisation
  • Obtaining agreement from team members on an action plan to embed the agreed Vision and Values in your organisation

What Will Be Provided

  • Integrity and Values personal profiles and report for your entire team
  • 2 x half-day workshops. Typical duration is 5-hours with a tea-break in between
  • A Dedicated Leader assigned to each participant
  • Feedback session with all participants
  • Joint facilitation by an accredited Integrity and Values Master Coach and a Leadership Coach
  • 12 months access to the Integrity and Values online learning platform for every participant
  • Full debrief after the workshop including recommendations for any additional coaching or training sessions


Who is the workshop suited for?

Although this workshop is suitable for all business sizes it is ideal for leadership teams from Medium to Large Organisations up to 300 employees.

Contact Integrity and Values today for further information about how to discover your companies unique vision and values.