Truthfulness and the Hidden cost of lies

How truth repays with compound interest.

Behind each rework, cost blowout or missed deadline, is a lie.

Things don’t go off the rails in a business without someone having prior knowledge and lying about it or covering it up. By not saying anything, they lie by omission. By saying what they don’t believe, they lie by commission, by supporting someone else’s lie they lie by collusion. Whatever the lie, there is a cost which cripples growth and destroys culture.

Of paramount importance is giving your people permission to tell the truth.

“The speed of truth determines the effectiveness of our decisions. Being willing to hear the truth is as important as telling it.” Jennifer Elliott

  1. How you can create a culture that welcomes the truth
  2. How leading by example creates radical truth in an organisation
  3. What it takes to give people permission to tell the truth
  4. Learn what lies are costing your business

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