Understand Integrity

A Leadership Coach can support any key player of an organisation turn around business results and employee satisfaction. More importantly a Leadership Coach will give you a new perspective, supporting you realise and achieve new levels of success.

Integrity Is The Key To Success But What Does It Really Mean?

The concept of a Coach can be quite unclear.

Coaches are not teachers, yet they teach. They are not your bosses, yet they can be extremely bossy. They are often non-experts in your particular field, yet they are able to ask the most penetrating questions.

You give them permission to scrutinize your goals, dreams and inspirations, and your methods of achieving them. Coaches hold you accountable to what you say you want. They observe, judge, guide and keep you on track. If they let you off the hook, then everybody fails.

In Leadership, having a Coach is essential. A Leadership Coach can help any key player of an organisation turn around business results and employee satisfaction. Leadership Coaches are totally committed to the clients’ success and expect they ought to invest just as much.

Over a period of time, Leadership Coaches train leaders on how to effectively communicate with direct reports and teams so as a whole, they can reach the organisational objective. Leadership Coaches train them how to do all that in a way that staff is looking forward to coming to work every day, and are engaged and happy.

Most trainers and executives will not challenge the person who signs their pay cheque, but we do! We support, encourage and create a safe environment for people to make mistakes and learn and grow through the change process.

And we offer lasting solutions, not quick fixes.

Do you know what’s interesting? In sports we don’t question the need for a Coach. In business we still do. There’s really not much difference. Coaching is about stretching you and assisting you to achieve your goals – no matter what your current situation is (i.e. being at the top of your game or in the middle of a crisis).

Successful people surround themselves with advisors and people that challenge them to be even better. They know how to make use of others to propel their own success. A coach is just another person in that entourage.

Integrity and Values has had 27 years of solid leadership experience with proven results in how to lead a team such that organisational objectives are met. Our team boasts 70 years of combined experience in Corporate Sales, Hospitality, Marketing, Startup, Retail and Financial Investment.

We are 100% committed to your success – everyone, from the admin team through to our CEO.