The Effective Communication Course

Developing The Skills & Behaviours That Are Essential For Communication


Why Do It?

Successful teams have a common language underpinned by ‘rules’ that have been agreed upon. When a team learns to actively work and communicate within the same ‘game’ structure, breakdowns are minimized, action is optimised and truly unstoppable teams are born.

What We Do

The Integrity and Values Effective Communication Course is designed to bring about change in every area within an organisation. Every member of your team will learn, develop and practice newly distinguished skills and behaviours that are essential for effective communication.

This course provides everyone in the organisation with a consistent language so they can powerfully communicate with impact and effectiveness. Your team will become cooperative, work efficiently together, and develop effective leadership.

Each workshop is underpinned by the lessons provided in our online learning platform. Each and every individual in your organisation will have personal access to these key lessons.

What You’ll Receive

Your investment will include:

  • 10 x 2 hour workshops delivered across 10 months
  • 10 x Personal Coaching sessions for your team leader
  • Discretionary* Personal Coaching sessions for each participant (*as agreed with Leader)
  • Facilitation by two accredited Integrity and Values Leadership Coaches
  • 12 months access to the Integrity and Values online learning platform for every participant
  • Full debrief after each workshop including recommendations for any additional coaching or training sessions




• As a prerequisite all participants must complete an Integrity and Values Profile and have received their personal (2 hour) Profile Feedback Session prior to the workshop

• This workshop is suitable for teams between 4 to 12 individuals

• The physical course location will be off-site at an agreed and suitable venue that is convenient for your team


Contact Integrity and Values today for further information or to book your Effective Communication Course and take the first step to developing the skills & behaviours that are essential for communication.