Spaghetti – Understanding Upset

Christmas really is my favourite time of year. It’s the one time of year when we generally all get together as a family and in particular I just love spending time with my children, their partners and friends, reminiscing about their childhood and the many adventures we all had together.

So why would I choose ‘Spaghetti – Understanding Upsets’ to share with you at this time of year? Well Christmas is also a time when cracks in our relationships can surface. I’m sure you know what I mean, those old family skeletons that get resurrected from the cellar, dusted off and given a good old airing. I know that some people are fearful of the Christmas season for this very reason, avoiding family get togethers like the plague.

So this year I have decided that this lessson is my Christmas gift to you and if you embrace it, you will arm yourself with a very useful tool to use when those upsets happen.

There are different types of upsets. For example if I stub my toe then I am likely to get upset as I deal with the pain and shock. But some upsets are often irrational or dissproportionate to the actual event. When these upsets occur we are often dealing with a seemingly irrational response and these are the types of upsets we are looking at.

‘Spaghetti – Understanding Upsets’ will have you explore why you react the way you do, and give you an opportunity to choose a powerful alternative to dealing with difficult situations.

If you would like to complete this lesson please contact our office on and we set you up for free to complete this l;lesson.

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