Do You Know What’s Stopping You From Driving Growth in Your Organisation?

Uncover What Could Be Holding You Back From Reaching Your True Potential as a Leader...and Gain Crystal Clear Clarity on Behaviours Responsible for Your Results, Both Good and Bad.

Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, personal beliefs play a crucial role in achieving your full potential as a leader.

While common values such as hard work, punctuality and self-reliance are ingrained in most business leaders, the difficulty lies in situations where a choice has to be made between options which appear to be equally reasonable but can result in completely different outcomes.

The choices and management decisions you make in challenging situations shape the future of the organisation and your reputation as a leader.

Personal beliefs are key to establishing ongoing behaviour patterns. Your personal value system determines how you evaluate information, make decisions and respond to the questions you face in your organisation.

Questions like...

  • Does empathy really matter when negotiating a profitable deal?
  • Is it acceptable to tell a white lie to achieve an outcome?
  • Is it ok for profits to overrule people?
  • Is it worthwhile hiring a candidate possessing excellent skills with a questionable background?

At Integrity and Values, we work with leaders so they can powerfully address these questions and others they are faced within their businesses to support them to produce consistently outstanding results.

Your Personal Leadership Review

Great leaders look for the next opportunity to grow and develop themselves.

Building responsible teams which produce extraordinary results starts with taking a look at yourself as leader and having a plan for your own growth.

If you’re a leader in your organisation we would like to invite you to a Personal Leadership Review, conducted by an Integrity and Values leadership coach.

You’ll first complete an online questionnaire which will map your integrity and behaviour profile.

You will then be invited to attend a feedback session where you’ll be provided with your unique Integrity and Values profile.

This document will give you in-depth insight into your values, your behaviours, strengths and shortcomings.

Your Integrity and Values leadership coach will review the profile document and uncover the stumbling blocks which could be interfering with your success and limiting your ability to contribute to the organisation.

In fact you’ll be amazed at how accurately the profile uncovers your values and may even discover insights into yourself that are hidden from your view.

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of areas you can improve on, so you can add the most value to your organisation as a leader.

No other service we know of, offers the  insights we provide...we have leaders from various industries who will happily back up our claim.

You’ll have to be quick to take advantage of this offer, as spots are limited and available on a first come basis.

It’s a rare opportunity to take the next step in your leadership journey and get your Integrity and values profile for only $297.

Special Online Offer

Great leaders are always looking for the next opportunity to grow and develop. Our vision at Integrity and Values is to empower leaders to build responsible teams that produce extraordinary results. This starts with taking a look as yourself as leader and have a plan for your own growth.

As a special online offer and only available here, take the next step in your leadership journey and get your Integrity and values profile for only $297.

This is a special introductory offer and is not available under any other circumstances.

What some of our clients say ...

Bob ConnellGM
PNA Construction

Integrity and Values worked with our leadership team for 12 months. The development of the team, and its capability to drive the business, work effectively together and produce better results with the contribution from the rest of our people has been quite astounding.

In business, consistently hiring the right people for critical positions is the difference between surviving and thriving. Using the Integrity and Values Profile ensures I make great hiring decisions enabling me to build a dream team that can achieve almost anything.

Dr Chris Stephenson
Executive GM - Sales and Marketing Kordia Aus. 
Tina BannisterNational Sales Manager Estee Lauder

Integrity and Values coaches are exceptional because they actually make a difference. They are able to cut-through to real issues and provide no-nonsense advice. 
Using an Executive Coach from Integrity and Values has generated very quick results that will stay with me forever. 

Not Yet Ready for Your Integrity and Personal Values Profile?

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