Learn To See

what others can not. In just three weeks, you can develop the ability to recognise an individual’s leadership traits and gauge their likely future performance. You will complete six units on psychometric assessments, leadership, team dynamics analysis and human performance as part of the Integrity and Values Profile Accreditation Program.

Identify The Leaders Your Organisation Needs. Understand Organisational And Team Dynamics.

The Integrity and Values Leadership Profile develops a series of metric-gained psychometrics. Individual results can be relatively assessed to reveal a variety of intelligence. The Integrity and Values Leadership Profile Accreditation Program is popular with sports management, talent acquisition and HR professionals. The program has also become popular with business coaches, executive coaches and management consultants.

Assessed individually: Developed understanding of an individual’s likely future performance.
Assessed collectively: The teams dynamics and understanding of the larger organisational culture.

Leading organisations such as Epson – the world’s largest manufacturer of computer printers, information and imaging related equipment – use the Integrity and Values Leadership profile as an integral part of their HR process. The Australian subsidiary currently utilise the Integrity and Values leadership profile for evaluation and prescreening of all senior appointments.


5 x Integrity and Values Profiles

PLUS report access to the Integrity and Values secure site and complete instruction manual on how to use the site.

12 months access to the Integrity and Values: Effective Communication Course

This course is used by companies throughout Australia to teach communication skills to all employees. These easy to use lessons will aid you with the Accreditation process and can be applied in any situation.

8 x 1.5 hour Online Webinars

1 x Integrity and Values Profile Interpretation Manual

Give your clients the information they need to make fully informed hiring decisions, or use the information yourself to make powerful coaching interventions for your clients.

1 Full Day Accreditation Workshop

  • Further proficiency in the interpretation of individual traits and its interrelationships
  • Knowledge of how the Integrity and Values Profile was researched, designed and interpreted
  • Understanding of the many powerful applications of the Integrity and Values Profile