Leadership Profiling

Integrity and Values leadership profiling tool is acknowledged as a world first in psychometric values profiling for leaders. The profile uncovers an individuals or teams core leadership traits identifying any key constraints providing valuable insights in to how to effectively manage and/or develop them. The Integrity and Values leadership profile provides solid verifiable data to support both recruitment and talent development decisions.

Take The Guesswork Out

The Integrity and Values Leadership Profile comprises 172 separate statements and a number of key additional questions included for leadership research purposes. The profile asks you to rate the extent to which you agree with each statement using the popular five-point Likert scale. The scale ranges from strongly disagree to strongly agree and the number of items per individual attribute ranges from 5 to 10. Typically it takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete the profile online.

Your individual leadership style will be gauged based on twenty key leadership traits, which are considered to have the greatest impact on your performance, an organisation’s bottom line, and employee satisfaction.

Once you have completed the profile we will match you with an appropriate accredited Leadership Coach who will provide you with the opportunity to meet and discuss your results in detail.

The Integrity and Values Profile is not intended as a one off enquiry or experience. We know that effective leaders work at increasing awareness of their values, behaviours and habits and we encourage you to undertake a review of your profile every 12 to 24 months. Completion of the profile is a recommended precursor for undertaking any Integrity and Values Leadership Coaching or Leadership program. This highly accurate and insightful tool measures the key values of leadership and teams in the workplace. Discover for yourself how you can use this unique profiling tool for powerful coaching, leadership evaluation and talent acquisition.

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Discover how bring about effective change in the way people lead in your organisation.

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