Leadership In Action Program

Building Responsible Teams That Produce Extraordinary Results


Why Do It?

True Leaders never stop learning and effective Leadership teams never stop growing. This program is designed to unleash the power within your leadership team empowering them to deliver on the vision for your organisation.

In this program we powerfully embed the conversations of Integrity and Responsibility within your leadership team by unpacking the core values of leadership and demonstrating how they drive behaviour and subsequent results.

What We Do

The Leadership in Action program is specifically designed for the executive team in the organisation. Each element of this program is uniquely developed to challenge each team member and to shift the whole team to a level of integrity and performance that is underpinned by the clarity of their values.

This transformation will be clearly visible in performance, achievement, results and most importantly in the profitability of the business. The program demands active and persistent participation through a series of individual coaching sessions, team workshops, interactive homework, team activities and more.

The Leadership in Action Program covers the following topics:

• The true role of team leader – how to develop the leadership roles of the leader in the organisation

• Optimising the communication of the team – how to identify and remove the barriers to effective communication in their teams

• How to fight clean – develop their own simple yet powerful set of rules to ensure disputes are dealt with effectively

• Effective models of human behaviour – how to choose and develop the most useful models to improve leadership styles and skills

What You’ll Receive

Your investment will include:

    • 12 x half day workshops delivered across 12 months. Typical duration is 5 hours inclusive of a morning tea break
    • 12 x 1 hour personal coaching sessions for each participant
    • Group leader to receive 12 x 90 minute personal coaching sessions
    • Joint facilitation by an accredited Integrity and Values Master Coach and a Leadership Coach
    • 12 months access to the Integrity and Values online learning platform for every participant
    • Full debrief after each workshop including recommendations for any additional coaching or training sessions




    • As a prerequisite all participants must complete an Integrity and Values Profile and have received their personal (2 hour) Profile Feedback Session prior to the workshop

    • This workshop is suitable for all Leadership teams

    • The physical course location will be at an agreed and suitable venue that is convenient for your team