Leadership Coach

Having a Coach is essential for every leader. A Leadership Coach will support leaders of an organisation to identify and overcome the constraints that get in the way of producing the consistent and effective business results that bring about both customer and employee satisfaction.
Our Leadership Coaches are totally committed to their clients’ success.

Your Leadership Coach Partners With You To Realise And Achieve Your Vision.

The concept of a Leadership Coach can be quite unclear.

Coaches are not teachers, yet you will learn from them. They are not counsellors yet you will rarely experience someone who listens as they do. They are not your boss, yet they can be extremely assertive and will hold you to account. They may not be experts in your particular field, yet they can ask the most penetrating questions and will challenge you at every opportunity. They are not there to be your friend and yet they always have your back. Your Coach believes in your potential and can see what you are capable of achieving more than you do.

You give them permission to scrutinise your goals, dreams and inspirations, as well as your intended methods of achieving them. Your Coach will hold you accountable to what you say you want. They observe, push, guide and keep you on track. They will not let you off the hook.

Having a Coach is essential for every leader. A Leadership Coach will support any key player of an organisation to identify and overcome the constraints that get in the way of producing business results and bringing about both customer and employee satisfaction. Every Integrity and Values Leadership Coach is totally committed to their clients’ success.

We coach leaders on how to effectively communicate with their direct reports, peers and teams so they can reach their organisational objective. We support, encourage and create a safe environment for leaders to make mistakes and subsequently learn and grow through the change process. We understand that you are extraordinary and already have the capabilities to achieve although your beliefs and behaviour may get in the way.

An Integrity and Values Leadership Coach provides lasting solutions through bringing about effective behavioural change.


In sport we rarely question the need for a Coach although in business we often do. What is the difference? Coaching is about both stretching you and supporting you to achieve your goals – no matter what your current situation is whether you are currently at the top of your game, starting out at the beginning of your role as a leader, or are in the middle of a crisis.

Successful people surround themselves with advisors and people that challenge them and push them harder. They know how to make the best use of others to propel their own success. An Integrity and Values Coach is trained to take you further than you may think is possible. We understand and believe in your potential more than you do!

Integrity and Values has had over 25 years of solid leadership experience with consistent, proven results in how to develop teams such that their organisational objectives are met.


Integrity and Values provides insightful leadership profiling, powerful coaching and challenging leadership development programs.
Head quartered in Sydney, Australia the Integrity and Values coaching team serve clients right around the globe. Our clients include a diverse range of business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and sporting professionals. With our diverse team of highly experienced and successful leadership Coaches Integrity and Values carefully match individuals to ensure the best coaching experience and optimal results. Click here to request your Leadership Profile Assesment