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Our People Are The Heart And Soul Of Our Business

What if you could work where extraordinary things happen everyday – things that you never dreamed were possible unfold right before your eyes? 

Integrity and Values is growing rapidly and in order to accomplish our vision of empowering leaders to change the game and their communities – 20,000 leaders by 2020 – we are expanding our amazing team. If you are the kind of person who wants to make a real difference through leadership then talk to us. Are you truly willing to ‘take yourself on’ and push yourself beyond the realms of what you currently believe is possible?  Our team clearly understands that if we do not ‘walk the talk’ and ‘talk our walk’ then we cannot expect our clients to change their behaviour. Changing behaviour starts with YOU!

Why Work at Integrity and Values?

Choosing to work at Integrity and Values is a choice you will make because of the inherent desire you have to make a real difference to leaders. You are someone who can clearly see their ‘plight’ and have empathy with what it takes to be a leader. You are willing to be the person who will fearlessly push them beyond the edges of their comfort zone and will keep them honest to their declared promises, dreams, goals and aspirations.


Make a real difference to the lives of 1,000’s of leaders and the communities they impact. At Integrity and Values you will develop into an extra-ordinary facilitator and coach You will learn what it takes to walk the talk as someone who brings about change. You will have the joy and honour of seeing the lights come on in the eyes of previously resigned and cynical leaders You will personally be involved in truly meaningful work. You will enjoy flexible working hours and be well paid. You will work with an amazing group of like minded people who will be your unflinching supporters when things get tough and who you will count on never to let you off the hook. You will laugh till you cry and experience work as fun and rewarding. You will have a clear pathway to becoming a world class Master Coach and Master Facilitator.

Our Values


Curiosity Honoring contribution


Care We do what’s right


Trust Permission to take bold actions


Why Integrity and Values?

A Business and Lifestyle Opportunity

Integrity and Values offers a unique opportunity to commence a high income coaching and training career. Our unique Associate program mitigates the typical business risks of starting your own company whilst offering you the control, flexibility, income and lifestyle you desire.

Work with a World Class Brand

Working with an established world class brand enables you to deliver a clear message to your target market, underpinning your credibility and builds client loyalty.

No Capital Investment

Avoid the high capital costs and risks of joining a franchise network or starting your own coaching business. With no upfront capital investment you can join our amazing team while retaining the advantage of unlimited earning potential and control of your working hours.

Integrated Systems & Back Office support

We offer a comprehensive suite of enterprise level coaching and training programs as well as the required back office support services to support you in building your client base. These include a proven sales process, coaching training, online learning and leadership profiling tools as well as a customised cloud based document management system, email system, group collaboration network, remote IT support and a administration support.

Business Cards & Stationery

Integrity and Values Associates receive complimentary business cards, coaching manual and stationery to support them reach out to their target market.

Marketing Collateral

Integrity and Values Associates have full access to relevant brochures,documents and presentation folders to assist with their marketing and communications.

Training & Mentoring

Integrity and Values provides an intensive and comprehensive training program to develop you as a coach while building a client base. Moreover, whilst you may be an experienced professional, having direct access to a hand on management team and a network of like-minded professionals is going to give you the edge in any competitive environment. The Integrity and Values executive leadership team are committed to supporting you with the necessary advice, mentoring and development required for you to grow and achieve the results you set yourself.

Work from Anywhere

No more long office commutes and time away from your family. Our enterprise level remote workforce systems give you complete access to all the resources and back office support you need to service your clients from any location. Integrity and Values utilise a network of offices across all major cities and main urban centres throughout Australia for our leadership coaching and workshops.

No Operational Distractions

Integrity and Values Associates are not faced with the many operational distractions typically imposed on solo practitioners. We handle the day to day business administration so you can focus 100% of your efforts on the things you love doing, coaching, client meetings and workshop facilitation.

Collaborate with Like-Minded Coaches

At Integrity and Values you can exponentially grow your income by leveraging the power of our national Associate network through fee sharing arrangements, and referrals. Moreover, enjoy regular collaboration sessions such as a weekly teleconference, regular team workshops and our quarterly national conferences.

No Geographic Restrictions

You can work with clients anywhere across Australia and right around the globe. Our existing clients are spread throughout Australia, Asia and Europe. Operating without geographic restrictions improves your market penetration and optimises your income opportunities.

Access to CBD Offices

Book a coaching suite or board room for important client meetings or coaching sessions in any one of our network of high quality offices locations throughout Australia. We handle all key administration so that you can operate from any location. The ability to utilise professional commercial office space enhances your ability to meet the needs of your client base, when and where required.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Integrity and Values Associates receive professional indemnity coverage that provides comprehensive protection against any potential threats and claims.

Quarterly Team Retreat

Every quarter, Associates from across the country come together as a team to learn, develop coaching and facilitation skills, share ideas, network, recognise top performers, engage with leading trainers and importantly have a lot of fun. Our quarterly team retreat is an unmissable and key aspect of life as an Integrity and Values associate.

Join the Right Team

Integrity and Values recognises that having the right people in the right jobs ensures both our success and yours. As a team grows and especially when you are growing fast taking the time to choose carefully is the key to success. The following steps ensure that you are given the best possible opportunity to ensure we are the right team for you. The Application Process

  1. Submit your online application using the link at the bottom of this page
  2. Complete our online Integrity and Values Leadership Profile. This will take less than twenty minutes to complete.
  3. Once this is received we will invite you to an interview with our executive leadership team.
  4. After successfully jumping through these hoops we may ask you to come to a group interview with members of the team you will be working with.
  5. If after all of this we still like each other then we will make you an offer to join our amazing team and start your journey with Integrity and Values.

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