Employee Engagement Assessment

Our Employee Engagement Assessment (Fun Test) is a short assessment designed to identify your employees level of engagement. This examines how challenging they see their jobs, how they perceive support, the respect they have and their opportunities for learning and a desirable future.

Teams That Have Fun Produce Exponentially Higher Results!

Retaining talent is one of the critical requirements for a competitive advantage. Yet today many employers continue to fly blind making assumptions about their employees levels of challenge and engagement. Integrity and Values developed The Fun Test for this reason. The 3 minute test has been proven to identify exactly where your employees sit on the challenge scale. Too little challenge leads to disengagement and too much challenge leads to stress. Both result in decreases in quality of work and productivity.

The Fun Test is completed online using our assessment system and provides employees a safe environment to honestly answer key questions about engagement. There is no right or wrong answer. This non-confrontational approach has been proven to work. The Fun Test identifies potential causes for your top talent to consider leaving.

To access the Employee Engagement Assessment for your team get in touch with us on 1300 364 588.