Leadership Accelerator Program

Changing Behaviours With Velocity


How It Works?


You change your behaviour over time

Which will rewire your brain to change your current beliefs and habits

This leads to a high self-awareness and capacity

Our Commitment

Integrity and Values is committed to maintaining an environment of trust and confidentiality. This creates the space for you to resolve any personal issues about your leadership style, and clarity relating to both current and past issues that may affect your performance.

Integrity and Values works with you to highlight and develop the critical new behaviours required to achieve your goals.

Imagine being an empowered leader who builds a responsible team that produces extraordinary results. The Leadership Accelerator Program is designed to impact your leadership behaviours, which have a negative effect on the results you want to produce. By raising your awareness to that impact, you will take steps, over time to change.

Where To Start

The first step in any development process is to create an awareness of the present circumstance. At Integrity and Values all of our work starts with an Integrity and Values Profile as this identifies the level of development around your required leadership behaviours.

This unique perspective gives you the clarity required to accelerate the leadership capacity in yourself and your team.

Why Use Integrity And Values

Integrity and Values has over 25 years of experience growing leaders. We know great leadership creates results and outcomes.

Integrity and Values has a suite of tools, which measure your personal and your teams’ progress. They include:

  • Engagement Test – a measure of how much fun you and the team are having
  • Integrity and Values Tension Index – discover the tension between the declared values of the team and how much they are seen and lived inside the business
  • Integrity and Values Profile – know the predictable behaviour of your team and the impact of that behaviour
  • Effective Communication Course – 17 lessons on how to communicate assertively and powerfully
  • Leadership Dashboard – for tracking your progress and the progress of the team


What You Can Expect

1. Bring clarity to your role as a leader

2. Lead from the ‘accountability zone’

3. Learn to drive results through effective communication

4. Develop your self-awareness a critical ability for leadership

5. Develop your ability to be transparent and open

6. Learn how to use your company vision and values to drive results

7. Create a new found relationship with yourself and others

8. Bring assertiveness to every conversation so you communicate with impact and power

9. Bring assertiveness to every conversation

10. Learn to push yourself to excel